No Patience for Small Talk

Small talk.  I engage in it, (we all do—to get by, to be polite, right?) but I hate it.

“Nice weather we’ve been having!”

“How about last night’s game?”

“Another Monday, huh?”

Generic, meaningless questions met with generic, meaningless answers.  I’m an introvert and prefer to spend time with my wife and a small group of family/friends.  Put me at a dinner or cocktail party with a large group of people engaging in this sort of mindless banter and sucks my energy—no!—it sucks the life out of my very SOUL.  There is nothing I detest more.

Problem is, what I’m usually interested in discussing are The Two Forbidden Topics.  The ones that you’re not allowed to bring up at Thanksgiving or at dinner parties.  You know:  religion and politics.  The topics that cause everyone to A: recoil in horror that someone might become offended; B: stand on the table with knife in hand, threatening the person sitting next to them; or C: withdraw from the conversation because they know absolutely nothing about any of this and feel that it doesn’t really matter because the issue at hand doesn’t affect them, anyways!

Life…religion…politics:  In my opinion, exactly what a blog is meant for!


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