Mini-Beyonce Goes Texan, Y’all.

Mini-Beyonce the Chicken in her Go Texan attire

I’m a big fan of The Bloggess, and particularly her story about her battle with her husband to keep an oversized metal chicken.  So when I saw that she was selling mini-Beyonces on Zazzle, I nearly broke my fingers putting in the info to get one on order, ASAP, so that the Beyonce hilarity could finally be realized in our home.  Every day or so, I’ve been taping some sort of remark to mini-Beyonce and hiding her where my wife will discover her.  These discoveries are either met with quiet laughter or total silence (and usually the shuffling of papers or typing of a keyboard), depending on the success of my humor.

Today’s mini-Beyonce theme isn’t particularly humorous, but the kickoff of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is tomorrow, so today is  Go Texan Day.  The only clear choice was for mini-Beyonce to, well, go Texan.

(Yes.  I actually spent time creating a tiny cowboy hat for a little acrylic chicken.  Actually, I had originally made her a tiny lasso, but when I propped it up next to her, it looked like a tiny looped-up piece of bacon, so I tossed it and just stuck with the hat.  If I can find some twine, though, the lasso is totally on, y’all…)


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