Old McDonald had a woman… Ei, Ei, Oh!

Georgia Lawmaker Terry England Likens Women to Cattle, Calls For Full Term Stillborn Pregnancies

This morning, I would like to focus on Georgia Republicans, who have just passed a bill that makes it impossible for a woman to have a stillborn baby removed from her womb.

Instead, she must wait for her baby’s dead body to pass out of her womb naturally. This is not at all traumatic or psychologically disturbing for a woman to endure—being forced to carry her dead baby around inside of her until her uterus finally decides to expel it—as pigs and cows do it all the time. This comparison is not my own, but that of Georgia Congressman Terry England, who spoke out in favor of the bill and who has carried many a baby himsel…oh, excuse me, no. Who has delivered lots of stillborn pigs.

Congratulations, women of Georgia! Your reproductive status has been downgraded to that of livestock.

While hearing this sort of discourse come out of the men of the GOP doesn’t surprise me, what absolutely shocks me is that it’s not only being accepted in the mainstream, but that laws are being passed and women are not outraged.  Women are either not paying attention, not educating themselves, or are being misguided as to what these laws really mean.

The silence from the majority of women on my Facebook page has been alarming.  The only women who are speaking out don’t even live in the US and aren’t affected by this at all.  From all of my American friends and acquaintances…nothing.   The silence is especially deafening from the conservative women who are paying attention (somewhat) to the political process and who are quick to defend Rick Santorum or repost a link to some right-wing blog denouncing “Obamacare” or labeling our President’s policies that assist the less fortunate as “socialism…”  Even these women who are so quick to speak out for the Republican party are willing to remain silent as the GOP limits their rights, as well as (for those past child-bearing age) those of their daughters and granddaughters.

I try to be somewhat moderate.  I sincerely try to listen to what each side has to say before forming an opinion.  I research the facts in news articles and (especially!) blog postings before I post or comment on them.  Given that, though, I do tend to be more liberal.  However, when another liberal or someone in the Democratic party does or says something that is inappropriate or simply morally wrong, I call them on it.  I speak out about it.  (As in the Anthony Weiner case.  Democrats can be scumbags, too.)

But I am amazed at the women who seem to take a sort of Tammy Wynette, “Stand By Your Man” mentality.  No matter how appalling the discourse may become, they are willing to swallow it and support it, because they are conservative women, dang it, and conservative values have no gray areas!  Anti-gay!  Anti-abortion!  Pro-gun!  Anti-immigrant!  Anti-welfare (even though right-leaning states use most of the money doled out for social welfare in this country…but that’s an entirely different blog post…)!

So to the conservative women of Georgia…and the Republican women of America:  this song goes out to you this Monday morning.  May you continue believing that your misguided politics will lead you directly into the waiting arms of Jesus!


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