I’m am sincerely sorry that YOU were offended = Not an apology

Anti-Gay NC Blogger Quits Over Racist, Homophobic Obama Image |Gay News|Gay Blog Towleroad.

Racist, anti-gay Obama picture
Via Towleroad.com.

“To me, fried chicken is simply a Southern cuisine.”

Bullshit, bullshit, BULLSHIT, Tara Servatius. (Your last name sounds like a villain in a “Harry Potter” book, by the way. Very fitting.)  Displaying a black person alongside a bucket of chicken is a very tired, worn out racist statement.  You very much MEANT it to be racist, so please at least stand by your obvious prejudice as you apologize make poor excuses for your actions.   By your cowardly explanation, you make the assumption that everyone is as brainless as yourself.

This kind of mindset is the reason I DETEST the state in which I was born and raised. Homophobia and racism are incredibly common in North Carolina. And this anti-gay amendment will pass with flying colors. I’ll go ahead and add it to their state constitution now, to save them all of the dirty campaigning and lie-spreading. Because the ignorant Bubbas of the state will trip all over their NASCAR folding chairs to get to the polls to vote in favor of this thing, while the minority of politically involved, educated folk watch in horror as discrimination gets embedded in their state’s constitution.


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