Pride In Our President

Obama, gay marriage, and the law: what his support means. – Slate Magazine.

The above link is a brief summary of the various legal cases going on around the country that will decide issues such as same-sex spousal benefits.

 The ball is rolling. Faster and faster. And no amount of scare tactics, Bible-thumping, name-calling and red-faced screaming is going to stop it.

And I can promise you this: now that we have a president in office who is willing to stand up for me and my family, I will do everything in my power to get him re-elected to do more good. And I know lots of other gay people and their allies feel the same way.

I’ve heard people say, “Oh, he’s pandering for votes.” I totally disagree. Announcing support for something as controversial as gay marriage in an election year is potential political suicide. This is why Mitt Romney (who, in the past, supported marriage equality) is parroting back his party’s status quo response: “Marriage is between one man and one woman.” That is the safe response, and I was always frustrated and disappointed that it was President Obama’s go-to response…until today.

Our president did not act to win votes; he acted on behalf of what is just. And whether he wins or loses this election, I respect him and feel thankful for that. Our first African American president is also the first sitting U.S. president—ever—to support marriage equality. Anyone who can’t appreciate that will end up—years from now—on the wrong side of civil rights history.