First Republican debate

Republican elephant herd

Ted Cruz came across like a Joel Osteen televangelist.

Huckabee reminded me of one of the elders in the Jehovah’s Witness organization.
(Very fulla Jesus, those two.)

Trump was like a blustering used car salesman.

Bush seemed lost and confused.

Rand Paul came across like a fanatical, shouting maniac (very appealing to his Tea Party base).

Christie seemed decent, but from following his political shenanigans, we know better.

Same with Rubio.

Carson seemed to think that just because he can separate Siamese twins, this would make him a good leader of the Free World.

The Ohio governor (what’s his name?) had said he was disappointed with the Supreme Court’s marriage decision, but played the “I went to the same-sex wedding of some friends!” card, just to be safe.


One thought on “First Republican debate

  1. More and more, Trump seems like a raging mysogonist. What disturbs me is how many people actually agree with him. He’s definitely a scary dude. I didn’t watch the debates but anyone who sounds like Joel Osteen scare the bejesus out of me.

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