Horrible bourbon.

Lexington bourbon

I decorated the bottle to indicate my displeasure.


One day, as I wandered into our kitchen…

…I found a full glass of water set alongside the large dog/kitty water bowl on the kitchen floor.  I could tell that it had been carefully placed and not dropped there, as it was a very heavy glass and it was filled to the brim with water.  Was some kind of hydrating gift being made to the Trash Can Deity?  I wondered if I should place some tea light candles around it or burn some incense (or—given that it IS a trash can—just spray some air freshener at it)?  

Offering to the Great Trash Eater, lest He be displeased and refuse to accept our coffee grounds.


When I asked my wife about the glass, all was revealed.  

“I put it down there for the cats,” she said.  “They get tired of drinking out of a bowl and enjoy drinking out of a glass now and then.”

(Our relationship has always been firmly predicated on the fact that am the weird one, mind you.)  

I thought about pointing out the dangers of one of us accidentally punting a water glass across the floor, thought better of it, shrugged and went on with making my tea.  

A little bit later, this happened:

Angelina sometimes gets tired of drinking out of a bowl and enjoys a glass, apparently.

So there you have it.  What do I know?  When we met, I was the cat person and my wife was the dog person. (We’re both half-and-half on the feline/canine preference scale now.)  Through all my years of cat companionship, I had never offered any cat a refreshing drink of water from a glass.  I’d like to take this time to apologize to all the cats I’ve known before:  Buttons, Black Paws, Elvis, Rum Tum Tugger, Tigger and all the rest.  

Next week’s discovery:

“Yeah, the cats are tired of drinking just water.  They like a nice glass of champagne every now and again; they enjoy batting at the bubbles.”  
*Another champagne flute crashes to the floor and breaks*

Happily hydrated cat.