Jehovah’s Witness Fired for Religious Beliefs | Society | News | ERR

Jehovah’s Witness Fired for Religious Beliefs | Society | News | ERR.

A Jehovah’s Witness kindergarten teacher is fired because she won’t allow her class to celebrate any holidays.  She files a complaint; the Labor Dispute Committee rules in her favor and her employer is forced to pay her one month’s salary.

Those are the bullet points of this article.  I’m not even going to waste my breath (or…er…muscle energy to type?) discussing the ridiculousness of getting upset over being fired from a job in which you refuse to carry out what would typically be expected of anyone hired for that position.

If you pay attention to the article, it also notes that among other things, she was fired for “…an incident, which the woman disputes, where she supposedly left three children unattended in a library.”

Left three kids unattended in a library, huh?  How exactly is THAT religious discrimination, pray tell?  Does this woman belong to some  bizarre offshoot of the Jehovah’s Witnesses that forbids adults from being in a library when there are children present?

Wait!  I forgot!  Wasn’t there that bit in Leviteronomy 13:7-8?  As I recall, it said something like:

“And did thus sayeth Hezekiah to the followers of the Lord: Leave ye alone thy young children while they are amongst thy collections of pages.”

Clearly religious discrimination.